The Bridges at Tillsonburg Staff

Tim Ament
Head Golf Professional

Tim comes from a very strong background in business and is ranked 51st in Teaching Professionals in the country. Tim is a playing professional and is never shy to get a game in with any of his members. “I am extremely pleased to be a member of the bridges staff, we have an amazing team and I look forward to working with each individual person. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to run a golf course and I look forward to the challenge”.

Brian Haum
Golf Course Superintendent

With 20 years in the Green Industry, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the grounds at The Bridges. Currently in his 8th year with us, Brian enjoys the challenges that come with working on what are essentially two unique courses—one from the 1920's, and one from the 2010's—and the different habitats they contain. Brian is a hands-on professional, always in the thick rough keeping our course the spectacle it is.

Shayne Tremblay
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

A seasoned veteran at The Bridges at Tillsonburg, Shayne has now worked alongside Brian for 6 years at the club. Having previously worked at large clubs like Hamilton Golf & Country Club, Shayne brings a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to his position. Between Shayne and Brian they keep the Bridges in immaculate condition, and maintain our reputation as  a High-end Public Course.

Jen Mills

Jen is in her first year in Accounting at the Bridges. Having been a staff member of the Bridges for many years gives her an established understand of our inner workings. Jen will be in the office on a regular basis, and looks forward to meeting all of our members and general public.

The Bridges Bistro Staff

Vasco Serrador
Executive Chef

Chef Vasco Serrador operates the dining room and oversees an inspired menu of clubhouse classics with locally sourced ingredients. His emphasis on fresh and local food leads to continuous promotion of others. Vasco’s menu is classic-inspired yet innovative, with each dish revealing a bit of his big personality.

Tyler Curran-Cone
Sous Chef

Tyler has been working in our kitchen in one form or another for many years, entering now into his new role as Sous Chef. Thriving under pressure, Tyler enjoys working along side Chef Vasco, and together they have become a dynamic team. Tyler is a hard working individual and logs a lot of hours at the Bridges cooking and preparing for events.

Carly Ball
Bar Manager

Carly joined the team at the bridges in 2016 and brought an enthusiastic style and work ethic along with her. Always there to greet you with a smile, Carly has an extensive background in serving and a wealth of knowledge in Event Management.

Olivia Zilli
Bar Supervisor

With a great personality and a fantastic work ethic, Olivia brings a lot to the staff at The Bridges. As the Food and Beverage Supervisor, Olivia will be assisting Carly Ball throughout the season. Olivia has been in the industry for many years, and is excited to get her chance at running the beverage cart this summer.

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Carly joined the team at the bridges in 2016 and brought an enthusiastic style and work ethic along with her. Always there to greet you with a smile,